3 Things That Will Help Enhance The Awesomeness Of Your New Home Theater System

Choosing a new home theater system is one of the most exciting parts about creating a new theater room. Finding new ways to enhance the performance of your home theater system and the experience it provides can also be exciting. Here are a few things that you can use to enhance your new home theater system once it's been set up in your theater room:

Colored Lighting 

Incorporating colored lighting into your home theater room will add some extra depth to the performance of your theater system overall. Hanging green, blue, and yellow lights from the ceiling will help ensure that people can see within the room without affecting their ability to clearly see the movie or other media that you're watching. And the colors will help bring out the colors that are being shown on the screen.

You can make your home theater room look and feel more like a commercial theater and keep your guests safe by installing runway lighting along the walls and the seat isles that you create. Consider setting all of your lighting, including the runway lights, up on a blinking system so they blink in correspondence to the sounds that are playing on your new home theater system.

Storage Stools

Incorporating storage stools into your home theater room will not only give you more space to keep things like movies and throw blankets, but they'll also provide your movie guests with some extra comfort. A guest can put their feet up while enjoying a movie by simply putting a storage stool in front of their chair.

Look for storage stools that can be stacked on top of one another in a corner so they don't take up any unnecessary space when they aren't being used. The storage stools should also be waterproof so whatever is being stored inside won't get ruined if someone spills liquid or food on them.

A Snack Station

No movie theater is complete without snacks popcorn, so it makes sense to enhance your new home theater system with a new popcorn station. Just choose a corner in your movie theater room to use as the station and set a small table up in that corner. Place a residential popcorn maker on the table, and stock some paper popcorn containers next to it.

You can also place a tray of single size packaged chips, cookies, and candy on the table. If you're so inclined, you can even incorporate a small residential soda machine into the station for a one stop refreshment shop that you, your family, and all of your guests are sure to appreciate.