3 Signs Your Company’s Outdated Computers Need Attention

With computer chip prices soaring, it often makes far more sense for a business to keep an old computer running than to replace it with a newer model. Unfortunately, it can often be challenging for those who aren't technically inclined to understand when a computer needs attention. In many cases, it may be hard to recognize underlying hardware issues on an older computer that already runs a little slow.

If you're unsure whether or not your company's computer may require the attention of a professional, check out these three signs of an impending hardware failure.

Noticeable Grinding Noises When Saving Files

Many newer computers come with solid-state drives (SSDs). These components store your operating system, files, and applications without using mechanical components, allowing them to be fast and silent. However, older computers typically use mechanical hard disk drives (HDDs), and even newer computers still utilize this technology for high-volume data storage.

Since hard drives rely on internal mechanical parts, they can make clicking or spinning noises during normal operation. However, loud grinding sounds, especially when saving files, opening applications, or performing other disk-intensive activities, can indicate a failing drive. Addressing this issue sooner rather than later can help you avoid costly data losses.

Rattling or Clicking Fan Sounds

Most desktop computers use multiple fans to keep critical components cool. These fans usually utilize controllers that adjust their speed based on temperature, so you'll typically hear the fans more when your computer is working hard. While some computer fans can be noisy, loud ticking or rattling sounds as they run can mean that their bearings are beginning to fail.

Unfortunately, a noisy fan is more than just an annoyance. An overheating processor or video card can cause the computer to crash, and excessively warm case temperatures can damage other components, such as hard drives. If one of your company's computers seems to have an unusually loud fan, you should consider replacing it as soon as possible.

Repeated Hard Locks

You've probably read plenty of jokes about computer programs crashing, but the reality is that modern operating systems are relatively stable and bug-free. Unless your employees typically use their computers for intensive operations, hard locks that freeze the computer and force a restart should be exceptionally rare. These events are especially concerning if they occur under heavy loads.

Hard freezes and crashes often indicate a significant underlying hardware issue. The problem may be anything from a faulty power supply to a failing motherboard. If you have one or more computers suffering from these issues, you should plan to have a technician check on them as soon as possible to identify and replace the failing part.

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