Why You Should Use Thermal Cameras in Your Business’s Security System

Trying to boost your business's security? Has crime increased in the area? Or do you have valuable supplies or inventory that may attract intruders? A security system that uses cameras can greatly reduce your security risk and minimize the odds that an intruder will make it inside your building.

However, there are different types of security systems. As you explore your options, you may want to consider thermal cameras. A thermal camera reads heat and translates it into visible light. This means it doesn't need surrounding light to pick up an image, it simply needs heat. This subtle but important distinction can have many security benefits. Below are a few ways in which thermal cameras could enhance your building's security system. 

Increased security in areas with low light or limited visibility 

Even if you install traditional cameras around your building, there could be some instances in which it is difficult to see. For instance, you may not have a clear image at night or in bad weather or you may not be able to see potential intruders if they're in foliage or hiding behind obstructions. Thermal cameras can resolve these issues. Since a thermal camera picks up heat, it doesn't matter if there's little light or if the person is camouflaged by foliage becuase the camera will pick up the thermal heat. In some cases, the camera may even pick up radiated heat if a person is hiding behind an object.

Reduced false alarms

If you have workers monitoring the security system, they may err on the side of caution when it comes to calling the policy or triggering an alarm. While it's always good to be careful, a false alarm can be costly. You may have to disrupt your operations while the alarm is investigated. Thermal cameras often provide greater accuracy, which can reduce false alarms. For example, the thermal camera may show that the movement in a dark alley behind the building came from a stray cat or even the wind rather than a person. Your team can check twice and make sure they have it right, before calling the police or other security personnel. 

Lower costs

Many thermal cameras have greater range than traditional cameras. That means thermal imaging may allow you to use fewer cameras than you would need with traditional cameras. That could greatly reduce the overall cost of the system. Also, many systems with traditional cameras also need additional lighting. The installation of that lighting could increase the cost of your system. You won't be burdened by the cost of additional lighting if you have thermal cameras.

Ready to enhance your building's security? Consider using thermal cameras. They could give you greater accuracy and be more cost-effective than traditional cameras.