Power Strip Usage Tips

Due to the prevalence of electronic devices, individuals will often find that they need a power strip to accommodate all of their devices. While power strips have become commonplace in most homes and businesses, people will often fail to realize the type of considerations that should go into buying and using power strips.

Make Sure The Power Strips Are Surge-Resistant

Power surges are extremely damaging events for most electronic devices. Sadly, not all power strips are designed to be able to withstand the intense forces that can be generated by these surges. To prevent your items from being damaged by these surges, you should make sure that you only buy power strips that are rated to resist electrical surges. These strips will cost more than standard models, but protecting your electronics is worth this minor price difference.

Avoid Overloading The Power Strip

Every power strip will have a maximum amount of electricity that it will be able to accommodate. When you exceed this limit, you can be at risk of damaging the power strip, starting a fire or experiencing inconsistent performance from your electronic devices. Most power strips will have the capacity listed on it, and if you find that your devices are approaching this capacity, you may want to opt for a strong power strip.

Be Mindful Of Where You Place The Power Strip

The location of the power strip may not seem important, but a power strip that is in the way can be subjected to damage while also posing a safety risk. Whenever you are choosing a location for the power strip, make sure that it is away from any windows that may be opened as this will prevent damage from instances where the window is accidentally left open during rain. Also, if you have small children or pets, the power strip should be placed out of reach as children and pets can be prone to playing with these devices, which can lead to electrocution.

Regularly Test The Power Strip

As your power strips age, they may start to experience a variety of performance issues. For example, you may find that the power strip is no longer able to effectively protect against surges or it may provide inconsistent electrical output. Twice a year, the test mode on the power strips should be activated so that you can confirm that they are in good working condition. By keeping spare power strips in storage, you will be able to easily replace any power strips that may fail this test.

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