Driving And Using A Scissor Lift: A Few Things You Need To Know About This Fun Machine

What is more fun to drive than a monster truck, but you can drive this "vehicle" at work in a warehouse or anywhere maintenance up high is needed? The answer is a scissor lift! These very unique machines drive like a forklift but elevate up and down via the platform with the expandable gating underneath the platform and its scissor-like movement. To get the fullest enjoyment possible out of this type of quasi-vehicle and machine, here are a few things you need to know and do often.

Charge the Battery Daily

This piece of equipment is not fun to "drive" if the battery is dead. These machines also require a lot of power, and you cannot simply plug them into a wall and go. The cord would hamper your ability to go far with the lift. Hence, all scissor lifts have rechargeable batteries. If you were lucky, your lift came with a scissor lift battery charger. If you were not so lucky, then you will have to buy a battery charger because the scissor lift battery needs overnight recharging every day that you use the lift.

You Can Drive It Fully Extended Upwards and Move up and down, Too

It is hypnotic, robotic, and so simple to use. A scissor lift goes forward, backward, in circles, up, down, and up and down while in motion. It almost seems to be inspired by old cartoons where characters pull a lever in their cars to elevate the cars off the wheels to go over the other characters' cars in a mad race to the finish.

Where to Find, See, and/or "Test-Drive" Scissor Lifts When Your Line of Work Does Not Need Them

For the most part, scissor lifts are used in warehouses and theaters, but you may get a chance to drive one of these if you work as a school janitor or you work for the city putting up holiday lights and decorations on street light poles every year. If you want to try out a scissor lift for anything else, you can simply rent one from your nearest hardware store and drive it home. (Yes, in some areas they are street-legal.)

They Fit in Your Garage, and They Are Great for Home/Property Improvement Projects

Scissor lifts, when not in the extended position, are only slightly taller than a pickup truck. They can be stored in your garage. They are also excellent for home and property improvement projects (e.g., tree limb removal, roof repair, etc.).

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